Committed to Inspire !!

We have a natural understanding of the beauty of tiles and how they can transform a space & that drives us to the forefront of our industry, delivering the most inspirational materials available.We have been inspiring the creativity of the Sri Lankan architectural industry while creating new allies of creativity in the industry.

Our Brand partnership with the Leading Floor & Wall brands such as Marco Polo & Venizea, are key in our commitment to outstanding quality & inspiring designs. Our experienced specification team enthusiastically works with many renowned architects, interior designers, and developers and are always committed offer expert advice and service that means our clients successfully complete their projects to the highest standards

Why A better Choice

Quality defines us. The foundation for the success we have achieved so far is solely the high quality of the tiles we import. Furthermore, we were given the opportunity to provide tiles for the place where the most important person in Sri Lanka resides in, the President’s house, just because of the incomparable excellence of our products.

Be it a house or a colossal construction project, we have tile solutions for all. We have an unlimited range of designs and colours to choose from and there is no need of wasting your shoe leather cost for another show room. Every month, we import the latest designs to suit your imagination.

The honoured clientele we have been maintaining throughout the years is another reason why you should choose “Tile Fortress” as your tile provider. We have a list of exclusive clients who have kept their trust on us and have been able to succeed in their respective fields. The accountability that has been safeguarded makes us prevail in the position of number one.

The uncountable number of designs we import from the inclusive international brands such as Marco Polo and Eagle have given our customers the opportunity to design their interiors utilizing new concepts. They are given the chance of enhancing the scope of imagination using the unlimited designs we import.

MD’s Message

We entered this enterprise simply because we noticed a void in the tile industry in Sri Lanka. Since we perceived the designs that can be found in the local market are not adequate to quench thirst of a creative mind, we thought of importing abundant tile designs to suit the local market.

Through the experience gained by engaging in the field of tile importing, we have obtained a clear perception concerning the requirements of our customers. Moreover, we have been the pioneers of tile importers in Sri Lanka since we were capable of understanding the customer requirements and the variations in the customer behaviour and demand.

I must also add that we have a group of professionals who cater to residential and commercial sectors and are eminent for their experience in the field over the years. Furthermore, they are equipped with the latest knowledge to edify our customers who are curious and sceptical about the latest trends and designs in tiles.

Ultimately I make this an opportunity to thank all our  customers, architects dealers and employees who assist us improve day by day.